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“The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart, and saves such as have a contrite spirit” (Ps. 34:18, NKJV).

In August 2009, our family’s life took an unexpected turn when our son Josiah went to Heaven due to a single car accident. In those initial days of great sorrow, the Lord began speaking and showing us things we never imagined. As we inquired of the Lord with many questions, He surprised us with very clear answers. What He has spoken and continues to speak has brought life to our family, Josiah’s friends, and our church community. So, while we have known great sorrow, it has become our mission to encourage Christians to walk through sorrow, leaning on the truth of God’s Word. In the decade since Josiah went to Heaven, God has continued to give me sweet morsels of hope to encourage and remind me that He is still ever-present and restoring my heart.

I just love it when I take stock of my Christian walk, and give myself a pat on the back. An "attaboy" if you will.... Usually, on the heels of that self adulation the Holy Spirit calls me out in a heart beat. He hands me a mirror so, that I can get a long hard look at myself. Will I ever learn??? This past week I bounced into church Sunday, feeling pretty good about myself, and then I heard this teaching.

A portion of it came from Acts 7:60. The religious leaders have cast Stephen out of the city where they stoned him to death. In verse 60, Stephen said "Lord, do not charge them with this sin". In this moment Stephen had compassion for the people who were killing him. As Christians we are called to demonstrate this compassion to the world around us. We are called to have a "heart" for this world. An amplified example of this was Jesus death on the cross for humanity.

So, the New Year came and went. I love to spend the first part of the year “organizing”… EVERYTHING! This past week I had the great idea to go through my “contact list” and, “update” it. While I was looking at it I was amazed at how many people I had in there that I have had ZERO contact with, for a very long time.

Before, I hit the delete button I grabbed a cup of tea and took a closer look at who I was getting rid of. Some people were old work contacts, some people I had NO idea who they were, and the last group were people that were VERY relevant to my daily life…awhile ago…

I’ve been pondering this word “WELL” a lot these past few days…

It’s one of those words that we’re so quick to toss around as if it conveys some DEEP meaning, yet it often falls on SHALLOW ground. Instead of going DEEPER, our conversations often stop short at “WELL”.

“How are you?”...”I’m doing WELL, thanks.”...”Oh, that’s good.” Or, “How’s it going?”...”Oh, it’s going pretty WELL, thanks. And you?”...”Yea, same.” Or how about this one: “I’m not feeling very WELL today.”...”Oh, so sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon!”

I don’t know how often I’ve said it, but didn’t really mean it. Or worse, how often I’ve heard it, but failed to dig a little deeper into someone else’s “WELL” to find out more.

As I write this article, the Lord is taking me on a healing journey. One that was unexpected. Here is the back story…I’ve been running from my destiny as a writer. Why? I feel inadequate. I feel like a fraud. I don’t see myself as interesting enough for anyone to listen to. These are called “limiting beliefs” (also known as Ungodly Beliefs). So how do we get from this to walking in healing and freedom? Let’s start with the truth of God’s word. This is the scripture the Lord gave me for 2019.

Psalm 126:4 (TPT) “Lord, do it again! Restore us to our former glory! May streams of your refreshing flow over us until our dry hearts are drenched again.”

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