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It Is Well

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 22:51

I’ve been pondering this word “WELL” a lot these past few days…

It’s one of those words that we’re so quick to toss around as if it conveys some DEEP meaning, yet it often falls on SHALLOW ground. Instead of going DEEPER, our conversations often stop short at “WELL”.

“How are you?”...”I’m doing WELL, thanks.”...”Oh, that’s good.” Or, “How’s it going?”...”Oh, it’s going pretty WELL, thanks. And you?”...”Yea, same.” Or how about this one: “I’m not feeling very WELL today.”...”Oh, so sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon!”

I don’t know how often I’ve said it, but didn’t really mean it. Or worse, how often I’ve heard it, but failed to dig a little deeper into someone else’s “WELL” to find out more.

The TRUTH is… Oftentimes, our “WELL” may be WELL-MEANING, but it isn’t really an honest reflection of our WELL-BEING.

A few years ago I came across this verse and it has changed my life: “The UNFOLDING of your words gives LIGHT; it gives UNDERSTANDING to the simple.” (Psalm 119:130) I really BELIEVE this. I can’t tell you how many times God has unfolded A WORD within HIS WORD, that has brought fresh understanding to my simple heart and has forever changed me.

That got me thinking… What if the unfolding of THIS word has the potential of UNLOCKING a powerful TRUTH that could make my “WELL” go DEEPER? What if THIS word was never meant to be GENERIC, but rather a word that God intended to GENERATE true WELLNESS in me?

So as I started digging, two scriptures immediately came to mind. First was this one spoken by Moses to the Israelites, shortly after he had given them the 10 Commandments: DO what is right and good in the Lord’s sight, so that it may go WELL with you and you may GO IN and TAKE OVER the GOOD LAND the Lord promised on oath to your ancestors. (Deut. 6:18)

And second, was this one in Luke 17. It was what Jesus said to leper who had already been healed, but came back to thank him, “RISE and GO, your faith has made you WELL!” Soon I began to understand that ”WELL” wasn’t just a word God used to describe some random state of BEING, but rather a very SPECIFIC word he used to describe HIS idea of WELL-BEING.

I began to see a pattern: God’s GOODNESS + my OBEDIENCE = WELLNESS.

One morning I was thinking about this in the shower and out of the blue, this acronym dropped in my head: W.E.L.L.---Walking Expectantly & Living Lavishly. It literally blew me away.

All day I thought, “Walking Expectantly & Living Lavishly...Isn’t that what it REALLY means to BE WELL? I couldn’t shake it...

To be honest, this revelation really hit home for me. Because the truth is, for many years of my Christian life, I was not “WELL”. I had the OBEDIENCE part down pat...I knew the rules and I obeyed them to a fault, but I was not Walking Expectantly & Living Lavishly in the GOOD LAND that God had promised. I didn’t know that I could GO IN and TAKE IT over and Walk Expectantly & Live Lavishly in it. I didn’t understand that once I was saved, I could RISE and GO and literally Walk Expectantly & Live Lavishly!

You see, I grew up on the mission field, in a world of hand-me-downs, homemade clothes, and second hand everything. I was well-trained in all things FRUGAL. Don’t get me needs were met and I had a great childhood, but it wasn’t until my adult years, that I realized how FRUGALITY had become a part of my IDENTITY. It took me years to understand how this mindset wasn’t just about physical things, but how it had spilled over into my spiritual life and had become a STRONGHOLD.

This “spirit of poverty” had gotten a hold of me and kept me from LIVING LAVISHLY for years. My frugal mindset about EARTHLY things had warped my mindset about HEAVENLY things. I knew all about the “RICHES of his glorious inheritance and his incomparably GREAT POWER for those who believe”, and about the “GREAT LOVE that he has LAVISHED on us”, but I didn’t know I was in bondage or how to switch gears from FRUGALITY to LAVISHNESS. For years, I thought all the “supernatural stuff” I was reading about was only for those long ago and just written down for me to experience SECOND HAND. I didn’t understand that it was his GOOD WILL to LAVISH all those gifts FIRST HAND on me too. It took me years to understand that it was his GOOD PLEASURE to make known to ME (yes, little insignificant ME!) the GLORIOUS RICHES of his mystery, which is “CHRIST IN ME, my HOPE of glory”!

The TRUTH is…

All those years, I had been asking the wrong question: Am I GOOD enough? Have I OBEYED enough...DONE enough? That’s what the spirit of poverty does, you makes you focus on what you do or don’t deserve, based on what you have or haven’t done.

BUT GOD, who is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in goodness and truth, showed up one day when I was NOT doing WELL, and he began to dismantle this belief system that had kept me “poor” for so long. Slowly, as he began to unfold his GOODNESS, I began to BE-LIVE it. And as I began to Walk Expectantly & Live Lavishly in HIS GOODNESS, not MY OWN, I was made WELL!

But my journey to WELLNESS is not over. And that’s what it is...a journey. Every now and then, that spirit of poverty tries to rear its ugly head, but I am much quicker to recognize it now. And the truth is, none of us will reach our destination of TRUE and COMPLETE WELLNESS until we get to heaven and are made PERFECT.

So in the meantime, every day I have to remind myself to BE Walk Expectantly & Live Lavishly in the GOODNESS of God. To BE-LIVE every day knowing that I am his UNIQUE handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do the GOOD works that he prepared in advance for ME to do. And to never forget that the storehouses of heaven are full of FIRST HAND “clothes” just waiting for me to try on and wear, the very first of which is my ROBE of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

And I know that I can REST in the BLESSED ASSURANCE that as I Walk Expectantly & Live Lavishly in the GOOD land, it will always be WELL with my soul!

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