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Relationship Roadkill

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 23:03

So, the New Year came and went. I love to spend the first part of the year “organizing”… EVERYTHING! This past week I had the great idea to go through my “contact list” and, “update” it. While I was looking at it I was amazed at how many people I had in there that I have had ZERO contact with, for a very long time.

Before, I hit the delete button I grabbed a cup of tea and took a closer look at who I was getting rid of. Some people were old work contacts, some people I had NO idea who they were, and the last group were people that were VERY relevant to my daily life…awhile ago…

I asked myself…”what happened to these people”?? As I looked at the names, a wave of sadness came over me. At one time these were my peeps, my lunch gals, bible study ladies, friends that helped me raise my kids, carpooling them all over Phoenix… what happened???!!

Going down the road of life, looking in the rear view mirror, I could see these people left in the dust, on the side of the road. Like roadkill…I think of it as…relationship roadkill. What had killed these once vibrant relationships? It would be very easy to cast the blame onto time, location, and situation.

BUT, as I drank my tea, in my gut I knew the real reason. It was me. I uninvested in these people. I stopped being a friend, I got busy, I got side tracked, and simply replaced them. I replaced them with new friends, activities, and overall busyness… OUCH!!

I immediately thought of the verse in Proverbs 18:24 “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”. Utter fail on my part. The good news is I didn’t hit the delete button with this group. I am now in the process of filling my date book with long awaited lunches and coffees . Cleaning up my “roadkill” one relationship at a time. Refocusing, recommitting, and reestablishing!

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