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Peggy Sue Johnson

Peggy Sue Johnson

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 23:11

Looking in the Mirror

I just love it when I take stock of my Christian walk, and give myself a pat on the back. An "attaboy" if you will.... Usually, on the heels of that self adulation the Holy Spirit calls me out in a heart beat. He hands me a mirror so, that I can get a long hard look at myself. Will I ever learn??? This past week I bounced into church Sunday, feeling pretty good about myself, and then I heard this teaching.

A portion of it came from Acts 7:60. The religious leaders have cast Stephen out of the city where they stoned him to death. In verse 60, Stephen said "Lord, do not charge them with this sin". In this moment Stephen had compassion for the people who were killing him. As Christians we are called to demonstrate this compassion to the world around us. We are called to have a "heart" for this world. An amplified example of this was Jesus death on the cross for humanity.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 23:03

Relationship Roadkill

So, the New Year came and went. I love to spend the first part of the year “organizing”… EVERYTHING! This past week I had the great idea to go through my “contact list” and, “update” it. While I was looking at it I was amazed at how many people I had in there that I have had ZERO contact with, for a very long time.

Before, I hit the delete button I grabbed a cup of tea and took a closer look at who I was getting rid of. Some people were old work contacts, some people I had NO idea who they were, and the last group were people that were VERY relevant to my daily life…awhile ago…

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